I enjoy working with clients on new commissions. I can visit your site – home or workplace – to discuss your vision and requirements with you. New situations trigger inspiration and creativity and enable me to suggest ideas for placing my light pieces or paintings. My work has been installed in groups and individually in numerous domestic and work settings, in different spaces, small and large, and in different light, natural and artificial.

My new light pieces are highly adaptable to any space – regular or irregular, small or large. They can be installed individually, in groups, pairs or series. The light is beautiful and resonant in daylight or artificial light at night. The colours can be chosen and arranged to suit any setting. The laser engraved Perspex shapes are easy to install. LED lights will shine for thousands of hours. The light works are simultaneously meditative and stimulating. Everyone who has viewed them has made an immediate and positive connection.

I have changing installations in my studios, of both the light works and my paintings and drawings, which can be viewed on request.

We chose the paintings because they were both uplifting and restful. When I walk into the room every morning it’s like I am seeing them again for the first time and I am surprised by their beauty all over again.
The test of pictures is living with them. Since I was first enthralled by Susan’s lyrical paintings, my pleasure in them has only deepened. Her colours and patterns are a continuing joy.
Rt Hon Lord Howarth of Newport
I love seeing the summery colours of Mountain Summer 5 when I open the doors to my living room. The way Sue has used the colour and movement in the painting is beautiful – I never tire of looking at it. The vase of flowers on canvas is one of Sue’s earlier works. I’ve positioned it on a wall between two windows opposite the kitchen island and I so enjoy looking up from time to time and seeing it right in front of me. Sue very kindly gave me the print of ‘Cloudpond” when a client of mine purchased the original, as a memento. I still get to see the original but I do get a little thrill every time I pass this print in my hallway.
Every morning, one of the first things I see is Sue’s wonderful painting KwaZulu Natal. It would be impossible not to be cheered by the deep, vibrant colours and the gorgeous shapes and textures.
Mountain Summer 3 I love the fresh, spring colours that burst over the canvas, this picture evokes joy through its free form and space, and a sense of new beginnings.
It is in a very prominent place in our house and contributes to creating a positive atmosphere.
I love having Susan’s work on our walls at home and feel inspired and happy every time I look at it.
Sonia Livingstone, London
Having been buying Susan’s wonderful and ever changing pieces for many years, I can testify that they give long term and continuing pleasure. The visual manifestation of Susan’s talent keeps developing in my head with increasing understanding and appreciation.
In this picture entitled Mountain Pool (Green), there is an energy, a fluidity of movement, a sense of being drawn deep into the water and at the same time a deeply spiritual sense of stillness and calm. There is an intensity to the numerous hues of blue and green. The context of this picture feels African and familiar. There is a coolness to the picture that is in direct contrast to the heat of this imagined African landscape.
Splash Once is an intriguing as well as a beautiful painting. The golden oar of the gondola seems to leap off the canvas, and the splash it creates has an extraordinary dynamic – almost pyrotechnic – quality. The painting is much admired and discussed by visitors.
I have been following Susan’s work for many years, and have acquired, among other things, a bowl which I cherish and use every day, a painting with frogs on it, and a beautiful image of a flying cheetah. I love watching the changes of direction and thought in Susan’s art.
We were not only fascinated by the process which Sue used to create our painting but we love the way it works in our home. Everyone remarks on it – it’s a great talking point.