Not sure where the year has gone, but one way to measure what I have done with it is to look back at the artwork I have created. It has been a year of working with light, and with so many grim things happening in the world I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to focus on something so bright and positive. In order to work, I have to meditate, clear my thoughts of everything else, and then look with clarity at what I am doing. Combined with this mental challenge, I’ve had a steep practical learning curve, exploring new and unfamiliar materials, both Perspex and LEDs. After months of prototyping and experimentation, I seem to have found shapes that are charmed. They work by themselves as single entities, or in twos, threes, fives, tens or more. Their first outing was at Open Studios 2015. Since then I’ve had fun creating new installations and combinations, and work is in progress for the biggest installation yet, in my studio, in readiness for the annual open studios event. Contact me if you’d like an invitation, and wish me luck!