I enjoy working with clients on new commissions. I can visit your site – home or workplace – to discuss your vision and requirements with you. New situations trigger inspiration and creativity and enable me to suggest ideas for placing my light pieces or paintings. My work has been installed in groups and individually in numerous domestic and work settings, in different spaces, small and large, and in different light, natural and artificial.

My new light pieces are highly adaptable to any space – regular or irregular, small or large. They can be installed individually, in groups, pairs or series. The light is beautiful and resonant in daylight or artificial light at night. The colours can be chosen and arranged to suit any setting. The laser engraved Perspex shapes are easy to install. LED lights will shine for thousands of hours. The light works are simultaneously meditative and stimulating. Everyone who has viewed them has made an immediate and positive connection.

I have changing installations in my studios, of both the light works and my paintings and drawings, which can be viewed on request.


Fun project as colour consultant for a new kitchen! Made by